“Why do you ‘play’ a slave?”

0617civalwar103-e1346856480368Nicole A. Moore,
Virginia Beach, VA.
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One Response to "“Why do you ‘play’ a slave?”"
  1. barry irving says:

    White people and some African Americans don’t realize hoW recently Slavery was. 100 years sound like a long time, but Slavery ended on paper 150 years AGO. THERE IS ALWAYS THE ACCUSER ON BLOG AND DISCUSSION FORUMS THAT WE USE SLAVERY TO:

    1. Blame White people for our problems 2. as an excuse for underachieving
    …they say we were never Slaves so we don’t know what it was like, as if that is relevant as a comment.

    …my Aunt is alive today…she is 87…born 63 years after the end of Slavery. My grandmother would have been over 100 and in the Caribbean where she was born, Slavery ended legally on Paper after American slavery ended. So actual SLAVES ARE NOT THAT FAR AWAY IN HISTORY. Slavery and the mentality that bred it was a lot longer than the 250 peak years of the International Trade. Slavery ans it’s traces political and social are still in many ways not even addressed today.

    … White Americans think that We are now the Racists…or at least that’s the rap. We now oppress them…they are the victims now and to accuse them of ANY type of inequality or racist mentality is to be a Racist your self..
    in their view! Protests are Racist, community advocates are Racist, African American TV or media programming and or affirmative action is Racist. We African Americans today are called Racist for more things that Whites are obviously Racist for….so understanding Slavery or the after affects only 150 years into “FREEDOM ON PAPER”…IS STILL A TASK TO BE DONE.

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