What will my children look like?

Madeline Murphy
New Orleans, LA

My father is white. My mother is black. My experiences and perspective as someone who is visibly “mixed” is something I greatly want for my own children – and can’t help but worry about. What if my children look white and people identify them as such? What if they look black and reject their irish heritage? How will I help them understand their roots while making it clear that they don’t need to feel pressure to “pick a side”?

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5 Responses to "What will my children look like?"
  1. Reich says:

    Your children will be mongrels.

  2. Kimberly Caraballo says:

    my personal reaction to this is this is a real problem people face. I hope that no matter how Madeline’s kids look they will know their heritage, from both sides. In class we’ve learned about bi racial people and how they struggle in life. and in my conclusion I would like to say that I am so burdened by the thoughts that go on in you’re mind about you’re kids and that no matter what their skin tone is they will get the best of both worlds.

  3. Elizabeth Cauvin says:

    My personal reaction to this race card is very difficult to answer because I understand how Madeline wants her children to know all there backgrounds . And that’s very understandable. But what I learned in class is that people who mixed they have problems in the real world because they never think about what there race is until someone asks them. To conclude that all I have say I hope Madeline’s children know there race , and actually think about it.

  4. Lovelace says:

    My personal reaction to this that I’m the children. I want to know who i’m for real and not by the skin color on me. You want your children to be mixed that good but what ever skin color they are go with it. You know that they are mixed and if you have to explain your self then do it

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