Wish I was not a racist

Brian Smith,
Sugar Land, TX.

Part of me wish I wasn’t racist. I did my best not to be like my parents when I was growing up, but as I grew up I kept noticing common themes. I’m 28 now, grew up in middle class conservative Houston, Texas. I watched my dad created a business out of nothing, he taught me hard work and being fair to others. Most my family came from Tennessee, being raised southern doesn’t mean racism was apart of it, mostly just how to be a good southern man. That being said, when you grow up learning how to treat others kind and with care and its not returned or in void…you start noticing things.

In my world a man opens a door for a woman, he doesn’t cuss in front of women and he isn’t rude in public unless he needs to be. You put that light on the average black person and you will almost always see a contrast.

In sales I find its a black person that has constant attitude, they are rude and cuss like its nothing. I hardly ever see a black man opening a door for his loved one, instead its her job to simply follow him and do what he says. The black person feels that America still owes him for whatever reason being “my daddy or mommy left me, the white man screwed me, I grew up on food stamps, poor side of town, my ancestors were slaves” a lot of irresponsible statements that have nothing to do with taking charge of their own lives or destinies.

Bottom line, yes i’m racist. My favorite part is, black people who are decent don’t even like their own people. They don’t want to be on the side of town where black ghetto people live. While I don’t care for the redneck side of town, at least the average latino or white guy is kind enough to let you borrow a phone to make an emergency call without asking for anything in return….have yet to come across a safe circumstance similarly in the ghetto.

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