I wish my people loved eachother.

Joslynn Poole

There is little solidarity amongst black people. For example gang violence, red against blue, light skins vs dark skins. I could care less about another persons race or ethnicity. I just want my own people to figure out how to do better.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …that’s a pretty general statement. I come from the So. Bronx, I never came in contact with Gangs in any way…my Brother did. We don’t all have Gang ties nor do we all even know about Gangs. Color consciousness is a feature of a Race and Class centered society. No on is immune to it. My mothers people are from the Antilles in the Caribbean. My Fathers, from Florida and So. Carolina. My Grand mother called my mother and her sisters “those brown girls”…not offensively, because my father and his brothers were the darkest of the mostly light skinned family. He was friends with my mother and her sisters when they all grew up together. In turn…my mother and Aunts were browner and their brothers were light skinned. My little sister, one out of four was light skinned…more tan!

    …I saw later that both my grand Mothers were light skinned…a generation or two away from English and Irish Grand Fathers. My Grand fathers were Pure African. one from St.Kitts and the other a “Guichee” ( Gullah People) from the So. Sea Islands, So. Carolina. My point is that we are multi ethnic African people from the African Diaspora. Factionalism in our people go back to early African History before slavery. Africans are Tribal…the Tribe is your actual ethnicity, African is the prime term for the whole Race.

    …Today we as a multi ethnic society of mixes and pure bloods, still have the tribe mentality. As we evolve past the 250 “peak” years of slavery and the 150 years of societal Racism and strife Post Slavery, we will figure out a solution to our diversity and different life styles that cloud the achievements of the Rich and talented, the hard workers and the average people who have few issues other than the mean world!

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