Would “Miss White America” be prejudice?

Baton Rouge, LA

I really don’t understand how they can get away with “Miss Black America”. Isn’t that racist against other races? Double standard…

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32 Responses to "Would “Miss White America” be prejudice?"
  1. Jerome Janci says:

    you have got to be kidding? all blacks did was pick cotton and work as house butlers and cooks…it is the europeans that built this country

    • Wow. You don’t know your history, do you? Europeans STOLE this country from the Natives, STOLE people from another continent to work it. And then STOLE all of the land west of the Mississippi from other Europeans who had also STOLEN it. From New England to Atlanta, the American infrastructure was build by slaves. Buildings, stables, light poles, drains, sewers, everything. The only people who didn’t own slaves were poor Whites. And they were also looked down upon by the European land owners.

      • R Tracy says:

        “Stole people from another country” bs, they were sold by their own people!

      • UR MUMZIE says:

        Righty-o, but the problem is being that white people have also fought for racial equality and also built things. Caucasians haven’t stolen everything- they have stolen some, but it isn’t as, (erhrmmm no pun intended) BLACK AND WHITE as all that. That was bad, I apologize, but by saying that all Caucasians have just stolen from other races is as racist as you claim they are being.

    • Sandra Lev says:

      Jerome do you know Travis? Two dumb asses in one thread.

    • UR MUMZIE says:

      Okayyy. Okay hold up. Hold the phone mate, hold the world while I lift off and spin 5,000 miles across it in a glorious cataclysm of light, time and space. This is not for eating.
      Black people and white people built this country together. Obviously they didn’t do a great job. But it is true that black peoples’ contributions cannot be discounted. They weren’t given easy part- time butler jobs, they were whipped, raped, separated from their families, and died fighting for racial equality. They were scientists, historians, heroes- and they fought just as hard to develop this country as Caucasians did. So don’t discount them, please.

  2. Jerome Janci says:

    80% of black women are obese and slovenly fat. no wonder black men want white a white woman…

    • Ashley says:

      White women look soul-less, with their ice cold eyes and hair so easily overtaken by the wind. Weak.

      • UR MUMZIE says:

        What?! It depends on the person…. Don’t be racist towards white women to defend racism towards black women, please.

    • UR MUMZIE says:

      What the actual f***. Stop flapping around your butthole, it’s not your mouth. That is completely untrue and you are despicable. Good day.

  3. Bretfox says:

    “men have always been treated as citizens allowed to have full participation in our society” This is a lie.

    If you study “true” history, not liberal lies, you will see that men have not always had full participation in society. Many men, both black and white have had to start from scratch, not privilege, to build a successful life for themselves and their families. We have a Constitution that guarantees all races and both genders the freedom to pursue their dreams. By standing on the Constitution men of both races have had to deal with the so called “elite privileged class” to carve out a place for themselves. While studying “true history” versus the liberal garbage rewritten text books you will find that both blacks and whites were slaves in America. Yes, whites were the original American slaves owned by the “elite privileged class”. Once whites woke up the “elite privileged class” began to import blacks as their replacement. The original “elite privileged class” were the subjects of King George. We no longer have a king, at least formally. We are all equal under the law as long as our current “elite privileged class” upholds the law. That is not being done and that is the problem.

    Our Constitution is under attack by the new “elite privileged class” in power. If we stand by and let them continue then we will ALL be slaves again. Don’t fall for the lies.

  4. Suzanna Lytle says:

    the same could be said about the blacks and the black panthers. which have turned into a home grown terrorist group. bottom line choose to be segregated from other races or choose to integrate with other races you don’t get both options.

  5. Jeremiah Troutman says:

    I know this is very old but the month after black history month is Irish Heritage month. There is also a Hispanic heritage month and Asian Heritage month black history month is just the most popular and coincidentally the most attacked.

  6. Sandra Lev says:

    This is true to a point. However, the purpose for the continued practices has expired.

  7. Sandra Lev says:


  8. Sandra Lev says:

    Irish is not a race. Italian is not a race. They are ethnic groups. Sorry but the only one sounding trollish is you. Is Trollish a race? No. I think it is a level of ignorance.

  9. Sandra Lev says:

    Problem one is your grammar so hopefully nobody is taking you seriously. You are right though power is in words. That is why you need to learn to speak properly. It is not ” no more” it is “any more”

  10. Sandra Lev says:

    Nice language. And I make my point. You just became your own sterotype. Words darlin. Use your words. English would be good. Some races are actually their own worst enemy. Sad huh.

  11. Sandra Lev says:

    Your Guest poster appears to be just as ignorant as you.

  12. Sandra Lev says:

    Javontae name calling is just not very smart. It actually puts you in the same room with Travis, his Guest and Jerome. Ignorance has no racial boarders does it. 😉

  13. Sandra Lev says:

    Wow now you get the prize for ignorance. Sad part is you probably actually believe it. I am Italian. Hmmmm. We were left in Italy. We didn’t accomplish anything either. Wait maybe we did. Hold on I am thinking… oh yes the Roman Empire, democracy (although the Greeks got credit for that), Michelangelo, aqueducts, Columbus, Davinci, Dante, Leonardo Di Vinci. I really don’t have room or time to list the next couple hundred inventions, inventors, artists, astronomers, etc. Now do you see how really ignorant what you said was? Na probably not.

  14. Ashley says:

    The ignorance is laughable. So because Black people are celebrating their heritage, culture, intelligence, and beauty, that somehow pisses you off? Why are you so angry? It’s almost obsessive, actually. Is it because you are afraid of Black people seeing their true value? Do you fear the day Black people will collectively realize the power they have?

    Being pro-black is not anti-white. It makes me question why you see celebration of black culture as a threat. Probably because being pro-white historically has meant anti-black and other races. Are you afraid we will do the same thing you did to us? Hmmm…what a tragedy. Get over yourself.

  15. Ashley says:

    You sound so very ignorant. Most Black men would never marry a white woman. It is a small percentage who do. As for white women, a lot of black men only date them because they’re easy to sleep with and have no back bone; they do whatever you tell them to. Truthfully.

    • UR MUMZIE says:

      Everything you just said is incredibly racist. No race is better than the other. Please stop. Just stop. There are no scientific studies on this matter, so you cannot argue rationally.

  16. UR MUMZIE says:


  17. UR MUMZIE says:

    Oh no, look, actual vocabulary! Run in fright and terror from this, the most monstrous Lovecraftian of horrors! Someone on the Internet who argues rational points instead of insulting- catch me if I swoon.

  18. UR MUMZIE says:


  19. UR MUMZIE says:

    Oh. Well, congratulations on the child. Although “Flib” is rather an odd name. I hope he assimilates and adapts to his schoolyard environment. Although it will be a bit of a challenge considering his name.

  20. UR MUMZIE says:

    What the hell…. black women complain about black men lusting after whites? I am pretty sure that’s made up. No scientific study I can think of would even suggest that. Anddddd there’s several other things that are wrong with your comment but I’m afraid I must save my breath.

  21. UR MUMZIE says:

    What. The. Hell.

  22. malcolm secret says:

    Maybe we should get rid of miss black america, get rid of black student unions, and get rid of black magazines, and all affirmative action and quotas and anything that gives either side an advantage.
    We should work towards a system where this is possible, and where all those things are no longer necessary, and where everyone gets along with each other.
    We need to make the phrase “I only see one race, the human race” actually work, rather than be something said by naive european americans who believe racism is either gone or going away on its own.
    But we are simply making the problems of race worse.
    We are causing racial tensions to INCREASE.
    Why is this happening?
    Why are we going backwards?

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