Is it wrong to hate Mexicans?

Seattle, WA.

I moved to a nice, peacefully safe area. First there was just a few illegal Mexicans but it’s changed. We made it easy for them by giving them free money, food, schooling. I hate them. I don’t like the Mexican culture, mannerisms,beliefs,..everything….is it so wrong to prefer not to like them.

Why is everybody catering to them.

They are now taking over the school, yelling in The hallways in Mexican.
parents gathering around after kids go to class with a kid on her hip,another two on the floor, one in the carriage, and another in her belly. They come early for the free breakfast, yet when my daughter didn’t have the funds in her account on time, they refused her lunch. If they don’t get what they want, they use the race card! Now I have to move to get away from them. It’s sickening. Americans are such suckers. They are taking advantage of our resources.

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