Yeah, but you’re not BLACK black.

Ruthie Mengistu
Memphis ,TN

What does that even mean? Is it because I look biracial? Or is it because my parents are first-generation Americans from Ethiopia, and I grew up in the suburbs with predominantly white folk? Maybe it’s because I don’t talk “black”…whatever that means. There are a lot of different ways to be black.

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  • Schenita W.

    People often don’t say what they mean. When people use “black” as a n adjective to better describe a characteristic, they are usually referencing something specific that they associate with being black. A stereotype. For instance “talking black” is most likely referring to slang or colloquialisms of urban impoverished people. Speaking “the Kings English” lol is not usually associated with being black.

  • blacksuperman762

    It means you’re not the stereotype that they see on tv and in social media.

  • I’m curious – do you hear this from mostly black people or mostly from white people and/or people of other races? Or a mix of everyone?

  • Quel

    Yeah people are just saying that you are not the typical black.


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