Yeah, but you’re not BLACK black.

Ruthie Mengistu
Memphis ,TN

What does that even mean? Is it because I look biracial? Or is it because my parents are first-generation Americans from Ethiopia, and I grew up in the suburbs with predominantly white folk? Maybe it’s because I don’t talk “black”…whatever that means. There are a lot of different ways to be black.

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4 Responses to "Yeah, but you’re not BLACK black."
  1. Schenita W. says:

    People often don’t say what they mean. When people use “black” as a n adjective to better describe a characteristic, they are usually referencing something specific that they associate with being black. A stereotype. For instance “talking black” is most likely referring to slang or colloquialisms of urban impoverished people. Speaking “the Kings English” lol is not usually associated with being black.

  2. blacksuperman762 says:

    It means you’re not the stereotype that they see on tv and in social media.

  3. I’m curious – do you hear this from mostly black people or mostly from white people and/or people of other races? Or a mix of everyone?

  4. Quel says:

    Yeah people are just saying that you are not the typical black.

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