Yes Black people are racist too

Elizabeth Ragad
Covington, LA

I’m so tired of Black people pulling the race card when things aren’t going there way. And YES there are racist Black people too! It’s NOT just a “White Thing”. White people do not hold a monopoly on racism. All races have good, bad, rich, poor, kind, cruel, loving, hateful, selfless and selfish people in this world—God makes all kind of people. It’s not right no matter who’s doing it! If you want or feel like discriminating, discriminate against STUPIDITY and EVIL! That comes in every shape, size, religion, sexuality, gender and COLOR!

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  • Juliet Dorris-Williams

    Racism is different from prejudice or discrimination. All humans can be prejudiced or practice discrimination based on personal preferences. All humans do not have the power to institutionalize their prejudicial attitudes into laws and structures that favor one race over the other. This is the heart of racism.

    • battim

      You are right in cities like baltimore big boss black political machines have some of the most racist hiring policies against whites in the country.

      • Jen

        And so do Hispanics! They keep all Hispanics in office when they get positions. Blacks are less likely to do this. Asians do it and so whites.

    • Krane

      “All humans do not have the power to institutionalize their prejudicial attitudes into laws and structures that favor one race over the other.”

      So I guess hillbilly White people can’t be racist. Only university presidents can be racist. The president of the United States, he can be racist too.

    • Andrew12345

      World English Dictionaryracism or racialism (ˈreɪsɪzəm, ˈreɪʃəˌlɪzəm) — n 1. the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others 2. abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief

      • Sasha

        You got thumbed down because some people don’t like the truth. They like to get a free pass on being racist. Anyone with any worth will at least own up to their racism and not use the bull sh1t ‘institutionalized racism,’ which I believe is a term that was created by a black supremacist.
        Dear Lord, we would all be better off just treating each other equally without bickering over who is most racist.

    • Andrew12345

      Racism has nothing to do with who’s in power. And there is no institutionalized racism in the USA. The president of the United States is black. The most powerful man in the western world is a black male. He’s been elected twice by consensus of the people. Obama attended public school in America, he was then able to attend Harvard University, and was able to attend law school. He then became a senator and then became the president of the country. There is no institutionalized racism. There are no ‘barriers’ keeping black people from prospering in the United States. 93% of homicides against black males are committed by other black males. The Asian community doesn’t do that, the Jewish community isn’t doing that, the Hispanic community doesn’t do that, and the white Europeans don’t do it either. Black people are keeping THEMSELVES down and blame white people because they can’t face the fact that black people are an incompetent, useless, feeble race. Blacks use white people as a scapegoat to divert attention away from the way blacks treat each OTHER!

      • ebonydiva06

        Racism has everything to do with power. Also you should study exactly what institutionalized racism is before you say it doesn’t exist because all of the actual intelligent people who read that statement are going to balk. Also stating that black people are the only group of people that kill within their own racial group is an outright lie. According to the FBI and Justice Department websites, blacks, whites, Asians, and Hispanics kill within their own ethnic groups at almost the same rate. For instance, take these real numbers I found from doing actual research.
        According to the FBI numbers for America in 2009 where the race of the murderer and murdered were known:
        2963 white-on-white murders
        2604 black-on-black murders

        • Ryan

          You are a total moron ebonydiva. Blacks in 2010 only made up 12% of the population, whereas the white population made up 75% of the population. According to your numbers of 2963 white murderers and 2604 black murders after doing some simple math and making these percentages equal in 2863/.75= 3817.3 where black people are 2604/.12= 21700. So if you take the black adjusted number/ white adjusted number you get 5.68.

          That’s right blacks are 5.68x more likely to commit murder. Maybe you should consider every factor before trying to blurt out nonsense

          • Johnny Vineyard

            The beauty of percentages is that they allow us to compare vastly different sample sizes. Andrew said that 93% of black murders are committed by black murderers. He did NOT say that black people are more likely to commit murder than white people.

            Therefore, Diva’s point is entirely valid that, given statistics, white people are very often the murderers of other white people as well. 84%. She did NOT say that white people are as likely to commit murder as black people.

            I’d take no issue with your point, because it’s an important one that needs to be addressed more than Andrew and Diva’s statistics, however, if you’re going to call someone a moron, you’d better be damn careful that you’re reading things correctly and arguing the right point. You aren’t. So who’s the moron?

          • robin

            you are the moron go to philly it looks like a war zone come to delaware go to 26th street lets see how long you last after what happen to me at work got harassed and beat by a black man my brother got raped by 6 black man they not only hurt there on but whites too and you give them the feel sorry for privilege because when it starts to happen in youre family you will see what a moron you really are by the way my brother died of aids

          • robin

            sorry forgot to say yes it needs to be addressed by the way my grandaughter is starting to get harassed in school she never had a problem until she went to this school who caters to feel sorry for me privilege black kids they take nice white kids and try and ruin them wow moron

          • Johnny Vineyard

            I truly wish I could understand your point, but it’s lost along with grammar and punctuation. I get that you’re calling me a moron, and that you don’t like black people, but I really fail to see how that has anything to do with the previous comments.

            Sorry your life sucks. You aren’t alone in that club.

          • karrel

            Robin I known that your old but try to remember this there is a good and bad in every race. Before you start talking about blacks look at your race.Even though you are old and just learned how to understand the computer you, had a long enough time to learn this. Lol.

          • ebonydiva06

            I just gave you real numbers and you still tried to turn it into a pissing contest. There is no logic with what you said and you resulted to name calling. You say consider every factor but did u consider why the murder rate is so high in urban cities? Overpopulation? Poverty? Lack of education? The things is, you have such a negative view of black people that you can’t extend the same understand to blacks that you want for yourself. It’s sad really. I didn’t come up with these numbers. I told you what my sources were so why lash out at me like that?

          • robin

            ok we have been hearing about black poverty for ever can you please clean it and at the same time clean up the cities you have ruined the cities didnt look like that when I was growing up and please stop with the feel sorry for me privilege how long will it take for you to do all this because we been waiting and waiting

        • martin

          and more whites are victims of black crime even thought they are two thirds more in number

        • Nick Lang

          Actually racism has nothing to do with power. Racism is defined as the belief that one race is genetically superior to another race. By that definition you would have to say that everybody in the country is racist since almost all folks recognize that blacks on average have better physical traits genetically than whites, at least insofar as regarding the abilities necessary to excel in the NBA or the NFL. That’s just one example.

          When people call others racist, they are really saying that those people are either prejudiced or bigoted against those of another race, or more simply that they hate those of the other race. By that standard I think blacks are much more “racist” if you want to call it that because they are so full of hate.

          I really think black hatred is the main problem in the USA. White people don’t leave the neighborhood when black people arrive because they hate blacks. They leave because one of the first things that happens is blacks start attacking whites. After the whites leave there’s nobody to attack except blacks so blacks kill each other. An oversimplification maybe but true enough. I have personal experience with this. We moved out of Newark, NJ in 1963 when I was 6 yrs old because as whites we were the prime targets of violence by the blacks that were moving into our city. Not much has changed since then.

          I hear all the time about how the whole white system is against blacks and how all whites (or at least 97% of them) hate blacks and conspire to keep them down. I just don’t see it. I work 12 to 14 hours a day and I don’t have time to oppress black people. If anyone can tell me one thing that I personally have done to oppress black people I would be real interested to hear about it.

        • Sarah Koch

          I think that there have been many good points made here. However, the one about privilege does make a very pressing point that I think is severely overlooked today. I have friends of many different colors. I even have black friends that love racist jokes and laugh with me when I make one- as well as make some themselves. So, before I begin, having a color does not mean that you are the same as the next guy with your same color. I believe that many think the same because that is how their parents taught them and they never heard- or rather listened- to any other points or opinions. Many black people have made race so dominant in near everything in today’s world, and, honestly, many more whites have done even worse, that the “privileges” have only successfully set racism back a hundred years. Anyone who says they don’t see color is lying because it’s almost every topic now. It may not technically be racism based on the definition alone, but having special privileges, such as scholarships allowed only for one color, is by all means some sort of discrimination. And, it goes to any color, not just blacks. You only hear it more because they go on tv more and they “speak up” more. It has even gotten so bad that I have heard black people be called “racist against their own kind” for NOT voting for Obama. As well, racism will never end so long as we are allowed our own opinion. And, you know what, that’s just fine. You shouldn’t go out there to fight the few people who actually are racist. Instead, surround yourself with people who are willing to treat you with respect as a human being. It just shows you who is and isn’t worth your time. As well, anyone out there who is going to say that a race is “incompetent” or “useless,” no matter what they are trying to solve, is only part of the problem.

        • Terry Grant

          Please oh “Intelligent” one, give me an example of your institutionalized racism. Correct me if my facts are wrong but, don’t we have a black president in a nation that according to the 2010 census is 72.4% white and 12.6% African American.

      • Jen

        I call such bullshit. There are plenty of unreported crimes from non-Blacks. The Hispanic community didn’t do that…now I know you need to do research.

        While I’m upset at my race’s behavior, not all Blacks are liked that. What I think is going on is that whites want to put everyone against Blacks. You need someone to be the person that you all can bully…..the racial punching bag.

      • Johnny Vineyard

        I’m not the first to say that the black community is the key factor holding back the black community. Bill Cosby said it quite clearly. White people opened the door, but black people are blocking it for other black people.

        However, “incompetent, useless, feeble race.”–there’s so much wrong with this statement. It’s not just racist, it’s categorically incorrect. How in the holy realm of logic can you tout our black President, the most powerful man in the west, in a way that displays him overcoming his obstacle-ridden path to his current position, and then turn around and say that his race is incompetent?

        That, Andrew, is what incompetence looks like. You make valid points, like Bill Cosby did, but then your rambling narrative and overt racial bigotry derail your entire argument. Well done.

      • jeanette

        This is none sense. Black people cannot be racist. In order for a group to be racisn against another they have to be able to have power and oppress others. Whites have been and continue to be the “dominant” race. Also, having a black president does not signal that racism no longer exists. Obama is used as a scape goat to prove America that racism is no longer around. If this was the case, then why are blacks and people of color targeted more by police than whites!? Based on your commet you make me want to say that we live in a country “of racism without racist”.

    • Johnny Vineyard

      I see this current movement to try and redefine racism such that only white people in America could possibly be considered racist. Knock that off. Not because I’m white, but because the constant and forced redefining of racism, in general, is partially to blame for the lack of progress toward its erasure.

      Racism can be experienced by anyone, anywhere, of any color. You are talking about structural racism, and that is different. If we learn to speak with clarity, everyone will understand the situation better. Expanding definitions only makes things less clear. Someone once told me that a black person in America calling Asians “chinks” isn’t racist.

      Is that really the definition that you want?

    • martin

      did you ever hear of a black guy named Obama? Most powerful man in the world.

  • Ashley

    Wow I completely disagree with this. Yes, black people can be racist, but as for white people holding “a monopoly on racism?” Yes, that is, as you put it, a “white thing.” Black people are not systematically or politically in control in all spheres of society. white people are.

    • Krane

      “Black people are not systematically or politically in control in all spheres of society. white people are.”

      I guess now is the time when we have a “White-African American president.”

      • Ashley

        ONE black (as he is mostly considered) person as president doesnt make up for all the seats in the senate and house of reps, nor all the governors and mayors. i’m talking about those in public office. the government as a whole is mostly generated by white people…white males

        • Krane

          White LIBERALS who do much to encode racial discrimination against Whites.

    • kotowaza

      If you really think whites hold a monopoly on racism, than you’re brain hasn’t developed past a 10 year old’s intellect.

  • s

    This conversation seems to be going in a totally nonconstructive path that construes the main idea. Racism does not belong to any group, it is practiced by everyone at least once in their lifetime. The misunderstanding comes from white people not “monopolizing” racism. This is the opinion of the writer, which you have the right to that opinion; however, it is unreasonable to shift responsibility of past generations onto “blacks [that] can be racist”. It is true some blacks are racist; however, whites do not experience hate crimes or genocide as a result of these attitudes. If you are white living in the 21st century, you are responsible for the morals and attitudes you uphold not anyone in the past. Most importantly, race is only a distraction for the real problems that need to be addressed in our community such as: poverty, overpopulation, lack of education, failing economies, just to name a few. The dividing line between any differences in any race or any trait of a group is economic enfranchisement. The ability for individuals to have equal opportunity in their countries market always points to the tensions that will be created if the issues are not addressed. In the end, race is just one of the many cards the top 1% are able to stay in power and keep everyone else squabbling over petty matters.

    • ebonydiva06

      “Most importantly, race is only a distraction for the real problems that need to be addressed in our community such as: poverty, overpopulation, lack of education, failing economies, just to name a few.” Racism is a real problem and only someone who has not experienced it to an extent can minimize it in that way. Poverty, overpopulation, lack of education, and the failing economy are often worst for minorities because of racism. It is a big cycle. I understand it might be hard for people to see that do not experience it or understand institutional racism or how it works. It is a very real thing. I thank God that I had determined and educated parents who were able to raise me right despite these types of things. It was only in the 1960 and 1970 that blacks were even allowed to attend a lot of colleges and a few more decades be the education of blacks improved enough so that they could attend college. That is a big head start for the majority.

    • psycros

      Whites don’t experience hate crimes or genocide? You lost all credibility right there.

  • Marcus

    Black people can be racist just like any other race, but there is a difference between racism and resentment. An black person can resent the fact that they were forced into over 200 years of slavery and after that years and years of unequal opportunity and mistreatment in the U.S. Racism however is the belief that you are better than someone or they don’t deserve rights as all people do based on the color of one’s skin.

    • common sense

      and a white person can resent the fact that we are being labeled racist and blamed for the failures of other races

      • Jen

        Oh and whites didn’t have failures?

    • JP

      Whenever you talk about YOUR ancestors and YOUR history, whites get all uncomfortable and start calling you racist, which is absurd.

      To be honest give up on white people, they are totally and completely void of understanding and reasonableness. Don’t waste time trying to reason with the unreasonable.

    • Jeff Simon

      Things like scholarships, college admissions and job promotions all of which are slanted in the favor of black people in order to atone for past injustices. I find it Ironic that racism and prejudice never bother blacks or Liberals when it benefits them or serves their purposes.

  • JP

    How did this get approved with all it’s errors including those of a grammatical nature? Now I know this site is run by a race baiter.

    Anyway white people calling any other race, racist is just plain stupid.

    It would be like a serial killer calling someone a murdering scumbag for punching one person in self-defence. I mean it is just so ridicules it is unbelief that some idiot actually believes this crap, and actually imagines they sound intelligent. It is laughable.

    When whites have been enslaved for hundreds of years, identity, culture and history destroyed, made to feel self than human, brand completely ruined then you can say Afro people are just as racist. Until then, sit your pink ass down, lol.

    • Ryan Colson

      Are you seriously suggesting a “murdering scumbag” can’t recognize another person for being one?

      Watta maroon, as Bugs would say.

    • watcher

      Have you been enslaved? has anyone in the past three generations of your or any other black family in the u.s. been enslaved? you clowns make me laugh with your “we were slaves” B.S., Lol. If anything you have been handed everything, United negro college fund, welfare with the rules and regulations slanted in your favor, you have BET and black history month, you have everything handed to you and your people, you and your people have every opportunity to excel yet 90% of you choose to live in poverty and abuse the welfare system sucking off of the govt teet. You continually rob/ rape/ kill/ and maim, you are 13% of the population yet according to fbi statistics you are responsible for 65% of the violent crime in the us. So dont give this crap about racism and oppression… you are your own worst enemies…

      • Jen

        Wow I like the Polish, Asian and Latinos haven’t experienced having scholarships handed to them because of their race. What you can’t handle is when a Black person with more brain power than you comes along! So what about BET, white people dominate all other shows. Miss America is always white and she’ll never be black that’s why we have Miss Black America. And get rid of your biased statistics. I know all about people like you! Also you idiot, whites are on welfare more than Blacks. You’re a bitter racist who needs to reevaluate your soul.

        • Jeff Simon

          ” Miss America is always white and she’ll never be black that’s why we have Miss Black America. ”

          Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America over a quarter century ago you crybaby. Just another example of blacks changing definitions, ommiting facts and moving goal posts in order to advance their agenda.

    • Desean Michaels

      You’re a complete idiot. So what you’re saying is, only whites can be racist?

    • Johnny Vineyard

      Sure, if you use the completely made-up definition of racism, specifically engineered to excuse all but white people from being called racist by treating other racists poorly based specifically on their race.

      But if you use the real definition of racism, then any race can be racist. And every race is racist. Ever heard the song “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”? Funny how they managed to find a few different races of people to admit that their races are also racist.

      But I guess those people just don’t know what you know.

    • allen

      History will tell you that all people have been enslaved at one time or other. Given all the slavery throughout history, 200 or so years pales in comparison to the slavery that was perpetuated by the romans, for example, who enslaved all races, mostly white europeans for over a thousand years. I think we all just need to let go of the past, especially the black racists who use resentment of slavery as an excuse to be racist.

    • eli

      Historically, whites were kept as slaves by different civilizations. The world slave comes from Slavs (as in Slavic people, who include Poles, Russians, and Czechs). Romans enslaved whites (including British people) for hundreds of years.

    • Jeff Simon

      I’m glad to hear that you believe black prejudice cannot be protested until white people in America have been enslaved an equivilant amount of time. In your alternative reality to you envision the blacks of the South rising up and invading the North; waging a four year slaughter on the sons of the black masters to free whitey?

    • jfkdl

      so, are you saying you have to enslave us to give us a taste of our own medicine. maybe you should research which countries were involved with slave trades and you’ll figure out that africans were not the only ones to be enslaved… organize YOUR community, make it better, and dont talk like that bc you’ll start another civil war

  • Dracu

    Listen up, folks. Here’s the bottom line. If you physically or verbally abuse someone, because of their race, religion, ethnic background, sexual preference, social standing, physical or mental health disability, or some other related category, you are commiting a crime against humanity…and it’s just plain wrong. You can call it “Racism” or “Prejudice” or “Discrimination” or whatever word you care to use to describe this kind of hateful malevolence. But, it should not be tolerated or condoned by any civilized society. Whatever you believe in privately is your own business. As long as you don’t trespass on someone else’s human rights and dignity in public, you can believe in whatever your heart desires. The problem with human beings anywhere in the world today is their reluctance to support and advocate for a Pluralistic Society. That kind of freedom is hard to find…even here in America. But, it is almost non-existant in the rest of the world.

  • Jen

    Listen you idiot, not all Blacks play the race card. I’m tired of the White privilege card being played. Most of the racist comments I have seen or heard come from condescending whites who think they are above others.

  • Jen

    I’d like to add there are racist people in ALL races. Any racist person regardless of race is disgusting to me. So please stop the Black bashing in your blogs. Idiots and leeches exist in ALL races.

  • Jen

    I’d like to add that I love people of all races. A person’s race has nothing to do with the way I treat him. My husband is Asian.

  • nerdygirl111

    Well based on these comments I guess we know who the most racist race is… Its the human race.

  • Random White guy

    Black people can’t be racist because racism is systematic. Blacks are in no position of power to systematically oppress other races, especially whites. Blacks can be prejudice and can discriminate but they certainly cannot restrict an entire race from being able to expand their abilities solely because of the color of their skin. Check your definition before you start complaining

    • Jeff Simon

      So… in your book Obama and Eric Holder are not black? Holding one segment of the population down IS racism but promoting one segment over the others is NOT racism. That is what you are saying… correct?

  • pinoy ako

    im a call center agent from the philippines,i answer calls from mad customers and to be honest i usually get racist comments a lot.i dont understand why people keep hatin other people in america,and this is always been an issue for them,ive experienced working in an australian,british,and other european accounts but i never see or even feel a mark of racism from them,hatin other people just because they dont have the same color of the skin is immaturity,ignorance,stupidity.just remember that if you practice racism you will never be a good leader nor a good citizen which means theres no place for people are good people,white people are nice people too the only differrence is some of both races do bad things,we are all just the same, humans! quit saying that your being enslave for 200 years,quit saying that someone says your racist jjst because your white,just let it pass and be an open minded person, america is still blessed afterall all colors of skin period! america is hundred times luckier than other countries unlike philippines its just like hell here but we manage killing all sorts of is what you lack,so love!

  • marco polo

    Slavery is no excuse today for racist actions of any sort. Blacks sold off their own, while thousands of whites killed other whites to free blacks. Its ridiculous to me when a young black gets defensive with a young white and screams slavery is why they hate whites. Blacks in Africa STILL sell of their own as they did 400 years ago for PROFIT because they were or are of different tribes or religion or region. Black people know and deny this. Whites didn’t go and hunt blacks like game, they were rounded up by BLACKS, and sold like cattle. If white people were soley responsible, it would be acceptable. But we weren’t. Own it, stop beating a dead horse. Fair is fair, and living in the past is a horrible way for anyone any color to live their lives. You can scream slavery and oppression for the next 400 years, but it’s not going to do a bit of good. Blacks still today disrespect and hate one another, you read blogs all over the net. If a single black agrees with any white on anything, they are attacked and uncle Toms and hate their own, which is complete BS. Living in the past, as well as being hateful or racist isn’t good for any group. It eats people alive . We are such a wonderful nation in so many ways, wouldn’t harmony and peace be wonderful?

    • Sarah Koch

      I agree with you in many ways except your justification. It is not that blacks sell blacks- as whites sell whites every day for profit- but that it happened so long ago that it has become unjust punishment. It is called “corruption of blood” meaning that you punish the children for the sins of the father. You cannot say that I am racist because my ancestors were. While you are correct, I don’t think you’ve argued a point that has a possibility to be accepted by most as you are attempting to argue right from wrong.

    • blackalaureate

      why do white people mention slavery so much?

      • William Dean Luke

        Why do black people still pull the race card?

  • Chris Cross


  • Boe

    In my opinion, african americans are some of the most racist. Cracka is stated in the african american community more than nigga in the white. I dont care if your purple and look like the grimace. I also feel most african americans cannot be mad about slavery anymore. That was before the current populations time. If we still wanted slavery we would have it but we know its wrong. Everybody needs to learn we are all equal and get off their sense of self entitlement. Nothing is given only earned.

  • k


  • ahandout

    Well this a sad discussion. We are the human race, just stop.

  • openlyblack

    As I see, it a racist is anyone who can either oppress or benefit from the oppression of another. Calling Blacks “racists” because they disparage, dislike or disrespect Whites is silly in light of how laws were passed in this country to prevent non-Whites from the full advantages of citizenship; where the judicial system has statistically demonstrated a willingness to disproportionately punish and incarnate non-Whites; where redlining and racial profiling still occurs in many American communities; where the 1954 Brown decision of the SCOTUS has yet to be fully implemented in some American communities, etc.

    Non-Whites have not been the beneficiaries of these practices … they have been the targets. American non- Whites – your fellow citizens – are the ones who have had to have laws passed – laws that in the 21st century are still under attack – ensuring the right to vote; equal educational opportunity; equal employment opportunity, etc.

    Too often in America people conflate “desegregation” with “integration” … be clear: we live in a legally desegregated country with an ostensibly segregated society. More often than not what you hear is White people saying to non-White people “Stop talking about race” or “You’re playing the ‘race car'”. You rarely, if ever hear White people saying to White people, “Stop being racist”. If you think hearing talk about racism is exhausting, try living as the target of it.

    Again: As I see it, a racist is anyone who can either oppress or benefit from the oppression of another. By that definition, do you really think Black people in America can be racists?

  • Oscar

    Wow… I just skimmed through a few comments, and my mind was blown away. Honestly, I believe there is just no hope for this world. Here we are in the year 2014, and we have become so far advanced, that looking back at how far we have come seems almost scary. Despite how far we have managed to come, I can’t help but notice the large amount of people who for all their worth can’t seem to find their way through, around, over or under this brick wall engraved with racism or unfair judgement towards those whom are different than them. You know I happened to be at the park not too long ago, and I was talking to a friend of mine, while at the same time just watching the young children running around and laughing and just have a very good time, and if you just saw how much of a great time they were having you could tell by the excitement and happiness expressed on their faces that they were not worried about how long Jacob’s hair was, or how big Ashley’s eyes were, or the color or Juan’s skin. Now reading through several of these comments and looking back upon that day, I find myself wondering about how would life be if everyone dropped the whole discrimination act, and kicked it aside, and came together as one unity instead of fighting against one another because of greed, ignorance, stupidity, power, etc. Imagine how much more we would be able to accomplish together instead of killing each other segregated and divided. Is it so hard for each and everyone one of us to extend a hand out to the person next to you without looking and at least try to understand that person, and for that person to try to understand you and both try to meet the other half way? Are we really full of that much hatred? I believe we should all try placing ourselves in each others position to try to see things from not only our point of view but theirs as well. And another thing people… I do understand we have our trying experiences with those whom are different than us and depending on the situation we sometimes find it safe to “mark” others who may fit some sort or similarity to that experience in one way or form or another, but try to keep in control of that feeling. I’ve been assaulted and robbed by two African american males, and until this day I still despise those two for what they did, but I refuse to label every African american guy I see the same as those two. God put us all on this planet and until he says otherwise we are stuck with each other, get used to it.

  • Arlington Ccc

    Racism against the few remaining whites happens everyday @ the world’s biggest phone company. Management is black except for the one token white guy ( who makes a fool of himself daily for acceptance ). 95% of employees are now black as whites have been systematically driven out ,one way or another. Everyday when we walk through those doors, we are expected to apologize for being white . White service anniversaries are not celebrated unless we request it ( even though our black managers get an email for each person’s anniversary ). Average work/ less than average work by a black is always celebrated & if a white person should excel @ their work it’s diminished or sabotaged. We are spoken to in ebonics “because it’s the culture ” – Yes, the racist exclusionary culture that local management has created. Incompetent black managers are protected and revered & the subordinates who sleep with them ( in the office & get caught ) are given special privleges. The only people who are valued are: blacks, whites who have relationships with blacks ( like the token white married manager who has sex w his subordinates ) , otherwise you will never be good enough.

  • Tasha Jaii

    Nope. Nope. Nope. I have the need to contradict with this. To start off with my objection I can already tell that a white person wrote this invidious blog. I very much don’t understand why this was written. Yeah, I am very aware that there are some black people who are racist. SOME not all but some. So limit that down to all black people. Secondly, I don’t blame black people for being intensely racist towards white people or anybody for that matter. If I remember right, the white people were the ones who made African Americans their slaves. White people were the ones who beat African Americans while being their slave. White policeman where the ones who for no purpose beat African Americans to death. (Which is still going on today) And George Zimmerman pointlessly shot and killed Trayvon Martin. OH! And the situation of Michael Brown which just recently occurred in August, was shot and killed by a white police officer. So I think this little thing goes both ways. I myself am black and native, and I do have aggressive attention towards white people myself. So white people aren’t the victims. I mean maybe if the whites never treated the blacks so wrongly back then, then maybe there wouldn’t be so much racism going on now. :)


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