Yes, they really are my children.

Corrie Bugby
Murray, UT

I am a Caucasian woman who adopted three African American sons. I love them. I cherish everything about them. And I hate it when people assume that they aren’t my children. Like the woman who asked me, “Don’t you think you’d love a biological child more?” ?! I have come to embrace their ethnicity as a part of my own life. And I am a better person for it. And with open adoptions, their birth families are now a part of my family too. People say that my kids are lucky to have me…no, I’m the lucky one.

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One Response to "Yes, they really are my children."
  1. Casey Kelley says:

    Makes me wonder how these white couples are treated if they adopted black children. Would they be accused of kidnapping them cause “they didn’t match”, (according you this one story where I heard a Wal-Mart security officer called the police on this dad of biracial kids cause he thought he was kidnapping them (dad was white, mom was black, kids turned out darker skinned like mom) and he claimed “they didn’t match”. Very weird story.

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