Yes, she’s *really* my daughter!

Barbara Schmidt
Metuchen, NJ

We are a caucasian couple that adopted our daughter from Southeast Asia. Random people in the supermarket make dumb comments and children have asked where is her real mom. We must carry her adoption paperwork when we travel internationally, since passport control sometimes questions whether she is really our daughter. School and camp security can be the most annoying. They have told my daughter she is not allowed to leave with anyone but her mom (her REAL mom), even when we are identifying each other as mother/daughter. They have released her to an Asian friend with no questions asked. There are so many mixed race and otherwise blended families in the US. It is surprising how people still fall back on old ideas that like belongs with like.

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5 Responses to "Yes, she’s *really* my daughter!"
  1. Elizabeth Cauvin says:

    Barbara, My personal reaction to you Race Card , is that I’m shocked. I don’t think anyone should have to through that. That is so sad . In my opinion, I think people should just mind their own business, and move on with their lives. Shaking my head. from the message I read in the race card I think it relates to my history class because I have learned that people can be bi racial and it does matter weather that child is biologically yours daughter . From this race card the conclusions that can be drawn is that, Barbara has to go every single day with people just making rude comment & people asking her if that is her daughter or not.

  2. Kimberly Caraballo says:

    my personal reaction to this is that this is so crazy! she’d you’re daughter and nobody can take that away! people can be so rude. I am so sorry to hear about the troubles you have had to go through. what I have learned in class doesn’t come close to the hardships people really have to go through on a day to day thing. My conclusion is that no matter if your daughter is a different race nobody has the right to make rude comments about her and questioning if sh is your daughter.

  3. Dracu says:

    People who make those kinds of ignorant and rude remarks in public are cretins. They either don’t know any better. Or, they are just morons.

  4. Kiyannah says:

    I think this card is really good and very understanding! i think your should keep this up

  5. Idamis says:

    I think people should get more knowledge about the world ad how race works now. I cant understand how people still thinking about how family should be when the traditional term of family doesn’t even exist anymore, all have changed. In the present race is not an obstacle for people that really understands its meaning. I think everybody needs to understand the meaning of race so they won’t hurt and put people in uncomfortable situations like this.

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