You speak English better than me.

Anna Lemos
Redlands, CA

These words were spoken to me by an educator when he learned I was bilingual – I spoke English and Spanish. In his mind my English should have been heavily accented and broken.

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3 Responses to "You speak English better than me."
  1. Afi Scruggs says:

    Actually something similar happened to me when I went to teach ESL. I asked for directions to the classroom. The (white) teacher gave them to me, but said I was too advanced for the beginner’s class. I told her that I was the Teacher, not a student.

  2. Stephanie S. says:

    When I moved to the USA from Brasil, people couldn’t believe that I was Brazilian.
    Just because I don’t look like the stereotypical “Brazilian” or “Latina” doesn’t mean that I’m any less Brazilian. In addition, I’ve been bilingual since the age of 3, and the only reason why I wasn’t put in ESL (I moved when I was 12 – 7th Grade), was because I managed to pass the math placement test with no problems. My younger sister, on the other hand, was put straight into ESL and forced to miss science class- her favourite class. Until my parents decided to get the principal and guidance counselor involved, the ESL teacher refused to admit that my sister was fluent in English- the same as the other children in 3rd Grade.

  3. GerardoOros says:

    Growing up in the 80’s I got that a lot in AZ, I would got to ESL Classes then get kicked out, my english was great , but my father worked in agcriluture and it happened to all my sisters and brothers. You live and learn on the way I guess. Race should not be an issue, it’s personalities or how you carry yourself. God loves all

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