Your the whitest black guy.

Jason Smith
Long Beach, CA

I sometime catch people off-guard when I ask them what they mean by saying “your the whitest black guy I know”. What does that mean? Is there some kind of way I’m supposed to dress, talk and act. I think there is a underlying most of the time unintentional racist undertone when I hear someone say it to me or anybody else. I believe it steams from the skewed image of what the media feeds us about African-American culture.

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  • Chris

    Absolutely true.

  • Pblack02

    you go Jason, and be your own man!

  • Hahahaha. I get this all. the. time. Oddly enough, it never bothered me before, but now it does. Unfortunately, my husband (who is white, and grew up in a majority poor, black neighborhood), says this more often than anyone else. Not sure how I feel about that. 

  • grammarnazi


  • jeff134

    haha dont wory about it. It means double personlity

  • Caelen Butler

    I feel like the separation comes from the culture, I feel if an African American doesn’t take on any semblance from the culture they’re only embracing Euro centric values. And that’s not to say a black person is white if they talk a certain way or dress a certain way.. but if you’re only dating white women or white men and banish and refuse Afrocentric my opinion you’ve assimilated yourself into white culture and a white experience (though to many white people still seen as black) therefore giving a pejorative title of “white black person”


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