You’re Pretty, For a BLACK girl.

Moore, OK.

I am told this quite offten and it makes my heart ache, not because I let it bother me personally, beause I don’t. But for the other black women and young ladies that are told the same thing and don’t have the courage to say that I am a beautiful black women, not pretty for a black women. We will always have hate and inequality in this world, as long as we have ignorance. And we will always have ignorance in this world, as long as we are willing to keep our mouths shut and let things be.

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4 Responses to "You’re Pretty, For a BLACK girl."
  1. Martin Kuc III says:

    I’ve had instances when a black or hispanic girl said I was cute for a white boy. Ignorance goes both ways. get over it.

    • Aeriss says:

      Get over it? These comments affect you differently than black girls who get told this. We live in a world where Eurocentric beauty has been a standard. “You’re pretty for a black girl” – which means that you are pretty for a person who belongs to a group of people that don’t fit the “standard”. You are the other. (Even though Africans and people of African descent have a very large range of physical characteristics – but this is ignored since most people equate the physical characteristics of Africans and people of African with those from West Africa.) But I digress, in a space where people are allowed to express their opinions and discuss their feelings to cultivate conversations about race, your response is: “Ignorance goes both ways. get over it.” Instead of, “I don’t understand why you feel this way. Can someone explain?” You should not use your experiences as a justification for the experiences of others, because believe it or not, this socially-made construct called “race” has affected the lives of many people because of racism.

    • kizzy says:

      It’s pretty obvious that you’re a bigot by dismissing her experience as “Ignorance goes both ways”. In this statement, the young lady never said or implied that there isn’t ignorance from different races.

      And YOUR “experience” doesn’t diminish hers and racism isn’t something to “get over it”. Somehow in your “mind” someone saying something ignorant to you(which I doubt) somehow means what was said to her is acceptable. Your ignorance is showing…

  2. Carl Poole III says:

    I don’t believe that this is about ignorance. It’s about insecurity on the part of the person who has to quality their compliment. I’ve had white women say how attractive I was, “for a black guy.” Their attraction was genuine, even if they didn’t feel comfortable with simply expressing it. Courtney, I’d gently confronted them about it; asked these guys how you measured up against all the white (or whatever kind of) ladies they know. Make them put you on the scale with EVERYONE.

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