2004 before we admitted black roots.

Dallas, TX.

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9 Responses to "2004 before we admitted black roots."
  1. barry irving says:

    …people with black hair have Black roots, people genetically have African roots, Black is just a color!

    • alternatesteve2 says:

      “people with black hair have Black roots” Some do, Barry. But not all…..hell, many Australian Aborigines and South Pacific Islanders are pretty dark skinned, and quite a few of them are *blond*, believe it or not.

      • barry irving says:

        …I don’t live on the remote Island of Cocomo…I have an advanced degree in my field and am a “functioning” part of the World Community…not an observer or a media watcher nor does my imagination trump my actual experience as an educator. Your problem is that you go by color theory and color casting. That’s your indoctrination.

        …I said “people with Black ( colored ) hair have Black ( colored ) roots…so called Black people… ( I refer to my ethnicity as African American ) are African rooted people, Aboriginees and so pacific Islanders are Asian rooted People who have had centuries of evolution to their present image. So “Black” and “Pretty Dark Skinned” are both generalizations that don’t cut it in this example!

        • alternatesteve2 says:

          “Color ethnicity is a Myth!” And yet you double down on your claim that all dark-haired people have black roots. Do you not realize the irony?

          • barry irving says:

            …as I said in my last response…you are an idiot who takes things out of context…I said no such thing…If you lack reading comprehension, that’s on you!
            …I referred you to the article on the site Salon…
            “5 reasons why White Pride is always Racist”…you have received your orders go and read up if you can. Every thing you say can be double speak…you are not specific about anything and you think you are exposing something?…ALL IN YOUR MIND!

            …as I said…I know what I meant by roots…you might want to clear up what you mean…to yourself…I don’t need anything from you!

          • alternatesteve2 says:

            And, btw, I did read that Salon article. There is some truth to it, yes, but there are some misconceptions as well(for example, Germans being considered “non-white” was actually extremely rare outside of some fringe circles, and that ended by ~1880.).

            And just so you know, I’ve never been a fan of the “white pride” set, who pretty much *are* genuinely bigoted assholes. But then again, I don’t like racists in general, regardless of their ethnic origin.

            Now, since you decided to “order” me around, Barry, two can play that game…..here’s my order to you: Get a clue. Put down whatever claptrap you’ve been hearing from the fringes of the academic extreme left, and try to read some *real* history, amigo. You could really use it.

          • barry irving says:

            …LOL Steve…your problem is that you don’t listen, observe and absorb…you think that that swirly imagination, riddled with decades of Racial indoctrination has the authority to argue every thing of even the tiniest stupid detail…you just have put your two cents in as if no one or no source ( who is BTW being intricately more detailed and specific that you ) can sit you down to receive…that’s a short coming AMIGO!

          • barry irving says:

            …what are you here for?…you seem to think that making these fragmented comments that are out of context is debate. Out of the whole article that I instructed you to read and my commentary, you choose to NOT comment on the thrust of the article except to say that it is somewhat true?..and then you pick one of eight examples within one statement to try to debunk as with the leanest of commentary…did I say that you are out of your league?

            …you certainly are!

  2. To thine own self be true says:

    Looks like my family ! Its hard to blame people who could hide, for doing so, as admitting to those roots can lead to a life of strife. Its actually true bravery to proudly admit to having African ancestry in the Americas (Except Haiti of course ;).

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