Before 9/11….Unique, After 9/11….ARAB!

Miriam Piper
Colorado Springs, CO

Before 9/11 I was just this unique mix of who knows what. I am really Palestinian and White, but no one ever knew what I was (Indian, Puerto Rican, Greek). But as soon as 9/11 happened, and living in a large military community who were then trained on facial features, I am now clearly recognized as an ARAB. They even try to narrow down the region I’m from like it’s a guessing game. I went from being unrecognizable to racially profiled everywhere… airports, military bases, government buildings etc. I lot of racial questionnaires (bubble questions) ask if you are mixed, which race do you identify with more? I always had trouble answering that question until I realized if you are being treated different in public, you tend to identify with the race you are being singled out for.


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