____ Students’ Association! Fill the blank.

Austin, TX.

I am current in college at one of the largest public universities. Not a week goes by where I don’t see a group of students sitting at a table and asking passerby’s to join their organization. One of the most numerous types would be the such&such Students’ Association.

I am of mixed race. For one of the ethnicities, I have an extremely limited understanding of the language. For the other, the language is so obscure and archaic, not even a foreign languages hipster would know about it. My appearance is also unlike either group. This leaves me unable to really join either group without still feeling left out. It reflects a childhood where I was discriminated against or left out since I was half of one and of another.

I always wonder what it would feel like to be in one. If it is as full-filling as I always imagine it would be. It makes me wish there was a place for me at a campus with 75,000 people, that I could do something to make the place feel just a little bit smaller.


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