A Jew lost in this world

Maya Granot,

Jews only make up 2% of the world’s population. As a minority…as a Jew, I constantly have to think about what I say and who I say it around. I have to think before I speak rather than speaking freely because I never know who around me Anti-Semitic. Being a Jew gives me a biased opinion on certain topics that I know many people who surround me disagree on. However, when a group of people are targeting YOUR people would you not have this biased prejudice towards them? As much as I try to be open-minded, as a Jew it is hard. If you constantly heard that you are worthless and have no business being on this earth would you be open-minded? No. Because of all this, I feel lost. I feel lost because I feel like everywhere I go, as a jew, no one accepts me. Even in Israel, the home for Jews, I feel lost. Arabs are constantly launching rockets and bombs towards innocent Israeli civilians in OUR home and then blaming us for fighting back for OUR country. Because of this, I’m lost. If innocent people are fighting for their country and get blamed for that and are told they are evil than who are the innocent ones in this world?
As a Jew I am lost. Where am I welcomed? Where is my home? Where in history did Jews do something to deserve this?

Im a Jew, and I am lost in this world.


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