A world of Nations and cultures

Joalfr Bjorn Estes,
Olympia, WA

White pride is not inherently racist. There are many people who profess pride for being white who do not believe they are a superior race. If danes or poles express Danish or Polish pride are they racist because their populations are majority white? Most would say no because Danes would be expressing cultural pride. In America, things aren’t so simple. We do not overwhelmingly Polish or Congolese we are all immigrants, thus we identify by race. We take pride in our race because we are people without cultural origin. We are the melting pot that is the USA. We are black, white, native, etc. Thus we take pride in our distinct features. Black pride is a positive boon for the black community. White Americans are more educated than they have ever been. They know that America was founded upon racist institutions and slavery. It would be a grave mistake, in my mind, to make the assumption that pride in being white is equal to white supremacy, in the same way, that it is assumed (incorrectly) by the right that Black Lives Matter is anti-White or anti-Police. I am white, I am proud of my White Danish heritage and I hope to live in harmony with all US citizens who are proud of their heritage no matter how different it is than mine.


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