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About Michele

About Michele

Michele Norris is one of the most trusted voices in American Journalism. Her voice informs, engages and enlightens listeners with thoughtful interviews and in depth reporting as one of the hosts of NPR’s flagship afternoon broadcast, All Things Considered. Michele uses an approachable interviewing style that is at once relaxed and rigorous. She’s interviewed world leaders, Nobel laureates, Oscar winners, American Presidents, military leaders, influential newsmakers and even astronauts traveling in outer space.
about michele

Michele Norris is an alchemist. She transforms the stories and histories of those who experience and inflict the burden of racism, into the foundation of American individual experience and collective history.

"Michele did an amazing job last night. She was so lively, conversational, inspiring, and uplifting. And she really connected with the audience by telling authentic stories from real people. The audience simply LOVED her - and you know what? We did too! I must confess, she's one of my all-time favorite speakers that we've had at Newsmakers."
Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation
"We cannot thank Michele enough for the outstanding ways she connected with us and to ideas about Black media histories and present insights. It uplifted all of us who got to witness and participate in the events."
University of Minnesota
“It was a transformative 90 minutes and our various chatrooms were on fire with positive conversation.”
T. Rowe Price


The Race Card Project: The Race Card Project was conceived by journalist Michele Norris in 2010. Today, more than 500,000 personal narratives, from all 50 states and 96 countries have been collected. In 2013, the Race Card Project was awarded the prestigious Peabody Award for excellence in electronic communications for turning a pejorative phrase into a productive dialogue on a difficult topic.

Host and Producer​

Your Mama’s Kitchen Podcast,
Weekly conversations from the heart of the home. Join Michele in the kitchen with some of today’s most interesting celebrities.


Our Hidden Conversations, The Grace of Silence


The Washington Post
Catch up with Michele Norris’ Opinion Column featured in The Washington Post.

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