Adopted but am I still Mexican

imageKasey Nichols,
Clemmons, NC.

I’ve known I’ve been adopted since I can remember and never questioned my ethnicity until I reached middle school age because we had to fill out cards with “check yes if Latino, African American, white or other.” Biologically I’m Mexican and Italian, but I was raised white with my dad being Greek and mom “white.” I kept asking myself what am I? I don’t speak Spanish well and I grew up with a white southern family, but my blood says Mexican and Italian. I worked in retail and Hispanic people would assume I was Latina from my short stature, olive skin, dark eyes and dark hair and started speaking Spanish, they would stop when they saw the confused look on my face. Especially when I go out with my Mexican boyfriend. However, I don’t resemble either culture. So what am I? I’m an American born and raised. I’m a mixture but I don’t need a label. I am ME. Just a person.


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