Affirm humanity, just don’t discriminate particularity

FS-HeadshotFred Sullivan,
Saddle Brook, NJ.

There is a major difference between seeing color, and othering. I want people to affirm our joint unity without discriminating against me for my particularity.

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One Response to "Affirm humanity, just don’t discriminate particularity"
  1. barry irving says:

    …unfortunately it’s like putting the chicken before the egg. America has an African American President, yet America insists that it is not Racist, Whites are the new victims of Racial Oppression and Police have the right to disrupt due process by using deadly force. African American advocates are now race baitors and Racism is now The practice of African the American public… so called!
    …It’s only been 150 years since Slavery was ended on Paper. Slavery in it’s Peak years was 250 years long, but the practice goes back much longer. Humanity as a focus will come only through the global community. Which is why it is so important for us to employ the use of the more accurate ethnic term African American over Black.

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