Being An African American Feels Powerful

Chelsea Delaney,
Baltimore, MD.

I have read different race cards that elaborated so much about the downsides of being my race, about being an African American and the disadvantages of it. I do believe that both sides need to be explained, but I want to focus more on the positive. Focus more on how liberating it is to be an African American woman in 2014 feels like. To me, it feels like power. There are so many people of color making major moves in our world today and it is beautiful. Us as people of color were built on learning how to survive, how to make it. In the process of learning how to get by, we have also gained power. We as people of color are unstoppable. We come together when we need to make change, we remember what our forefathers stood and died for, and we stand on the foundation of hope, faith and power. We are full of soul, culture and most of all power, and that’s what I love about my race. We are beautiful.


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