Allows me to celebrate my birthday

Nathaniel Hunt
Glen Burnie, MD

My parents are an interracial couple. I am a homosexual young man. And today is my 23rd birthday. Without the Civil Rights Movement, my parents would not have had the courage or approval to find, love, and marry each other. Without it, I may never have been born and if I was born, I would have to choose a family: that of my Caucasian mother or of my African American father. It allowed the conversation of “equality for all” to expand exponentially into sexual orientation in today’s society. So that I can marry my own “Prince Charming” one day. It allowed me to be here today in a public place unafraid of my races and of who I am; proud of my parents. It was not just an event that happened in a text book. It was a single drop in a vast lake that is still continuing to ripple in our lives today.


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