Altering historical truth enslaves us all

Tess Schorz,
New Haven, KY

At the rate our world is devolving, we will repeat past atrocities but all in the name of political correctness and justice. Be careful how you tread my friends because in your efforts to eradicate the monster, you will become the monster. Human nature cannot be altered, only understood. To understand you cannot justify what is wrong in the name of righteousness; those mistakes have already been made. One cannot judge the past by present standards. The past can only be understood by understanding the cultural norms of that time period….across the world and across generations. The present can only evolve by understanding how today’s conditions arose and applying alternative solutions…not by identifying new monsters and slaying them with the same hate, suppositions, and stereotypes used in the past. One color accusing and belittling the other only allows for the destruction of the rainbow and no pot of gold will ever be found. I am white, proud of my heritage, proud of my country, a Christian, a conservative…and not a racist, a bigot, and all the other “…ists” that I am being called the past several years. Absolutely none of my friends and acquaintances who are white carry ill will in their hearts for others of different colors or backgrounds. I am a white, divorced, mid fifties woman living on a very small income. I am a former school teacher working in healthcare and taking care of my disabled brother. Even though my life is hard, I do not blame anyone nor do I expect handouts. I work 12 hour days on minimal pay without healthcare. I live paycheck to paycheck. I am still grateful for what I have. I understand that others may have more things and more money but I do not hate them for having more; nor do I blame them for me having less. The world is fill of inequity in many forms. Most folks in this world just want to survive each day to see the next. Most are not wealthy. Most do not live here in the states. Most are not white. Most believe in a god of some sort. We may not all look alike…thank goodness…but most of us have the same goals. Perhaps if we focus on how we are alike rather than how we are different, we can all arrive at the destinations of peace and tranquility.


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