Am I the only one here?

Dena Boyd
Lincoln, IL

In high school my Chinese friend, Zeyi, asked me to help her sell some Chinese food at the Chinese festival in Peoria called DuanWu Party. I went with her expecting to see of course many Chinese people and a few from other different ethnic groups. When we arrived and I helped her unload I scanned the area to see that I was the only white person there. I was not overly uncomfortable but I was uneasy. My friend tried her best to introduce me to people she knew but we all had a hard time understanding each other. I remember smiling a lot and having people smile back at me. I tried different kinds of food, which I had no idea what was in them. We all sat and ate and played some Chinese games, which was very fun. Once the party was over and I reflected on my experience I realized that I was the only white person there. I was the minority and I have never felt that way before. The places I go usually there are more than one white person. I wondered if that was how other people from different races felt when they are the minority.


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