America is not for black people!

Valdosta, GA

Systematic racism exits and is targeted towards blacks. It’s in the government and in schools, Its always and will always continue to be that way in this country. American is not for blacks! Whites don’t want us here but we are here and we have put more work into building the country then any other race here.. When i say we I mean WE. Every black person in this country is a representation of every slaves bought here on a boat. Every slave that was beat and broken down. Every slaves that had their history and culture snatched away from them. We are a force to be reckoned with. We are strong, smart, swift, have charisma and charm. Our men are a threat because they were born to be leaders. They envy our women, brainwash our children. We have been taught to hate ourselves.They teach us to destroy the natural texture of our hair. They have the nerve to tell us that our natural hair is not “professional” BULLSHIT! We are portrayed in the media as thugs, criminals, hoes, baby mamas, and welfare queens They teach us that the only way we can be accepted is to be more like them, To be more white. If that’s not racism I don’t know what is.


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