America why do you hate me?

images-1Ernest Henson,
Longview, TX.

African first question Black man’s last

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11 Responses to "America why do you hate me?"
  1. Chelsea says:

    They say that America is for every one, but America has an image of what a true “american” is. When someone does not fit that immage they are alienated. What you say is less important in their eyes

  2. Mariah says:

    I feel as though America not only hates you, however it hates all or merely most. Unfourcahntly its a rather selfish country.. Dont feel bad, i hate it!

  3. DEL says:

    America does not hate you. Many love you but unfortunately there are people who still continue to stick with their beliefs and ideology that a “traditional” America is a “White America”. These ideologies are something of the past and many people cannot accept that times change and with that so called “tradition” rides right along with it. These ideologies that America was originally a White America and that it should stay that way spark racism and unnecessary hatred. The old perception these people have is dilusional because this thought process began to dissapear around the 1960’s and 1770’s. People cannot grasp that culture has changed and fight for their idea of it to exist again.. even though it is 40-50 years gone… Culture is changing and America is a diverse, beautiful country where you need to always feel welcome because you are loved too! Feel welcome, because this is the new age of acceptance and the rise of racial equality.

  4. aminah says:

    everyone has a hard time here and we all get jugded everyday so i can see how this relates to everyone but if we all were positive about our actions life could be better here

  5. KC says:

    Many people judge others saying they aren’t a “true american” just because they weren’t born here but came to have a better future. America was built from immigrants. So is there really such thing as a “true american”.

  6. Tomaira says:

    if you say America hates you, thats like saying every american hates you. and im sure you havent met everyone to be sure they’re all that judgemental. not everyone is like what youre saying.

  7. Derek Nicholas says:

    I feel ya, Ernest. The responses you’ve recieved so far, talks around the problem, wishing for a world that doesn’t exists. There are years of evidence of hidden animosity. I think when President Obama is out of office, and becomes a former president, and writes his memoirs, we will be very surprised (maybe not) of what he’s delt with over the last 8 years. – So, like Ernest asked… Why do you hate us? – Go ahead, be honest, and don’t sugar coat it… I can take it.

  8. slash345 says:

    If you’re so unhappy here then let me know, I’ll buy you a one way plane ticket to a destination of your choice.

    • I’ll take a round trip plane ticket, plus hotel stay and meals, please… I mean since you’re in a giving mood. I always wanted to visit Wiltshire, England.. the birthplace of my slave ancestor’s owners.. the “Cabell, and Mayo” families.

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