Ancestors were pirates. EVERYBODY’s my cousin!

Martha DeWolfe
Huntsville, AL

Some of my ancestors were so evil a part of the family broke away and went to Canada to get away from them! Lucky for me, the ones who left were in my direct line…but because of the pirates’ horrible deeds, people all over the world are related to me within the past few hundred years!
Often I meet people of other races who look almost exactly like one or another of my cousins, or my father. We always get a kick out of acknowledging the family resemblances!
I have found people of all races, both sexes and any religious persuasion to be kind. I believe if you make it your practice to see each other as deserving love and kindness, you will have far less problems in your life, and a whole lot more interesting opportunities tend to come your way when people like to have you around.


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