Anti-Semitism and anti-white exist

032Sally Ann Siegel
New York, NY

I experience anti-white and anti-Semitism occasionally from black women.

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One Response to "Anti-Semitism and anti-white exist"
  1. barry irving says:

    is there a point?…maybe it’s something you said or did? In any case if you don’t explain, then your comment is null and void. Context is everything. You should acknowledge that Jews and so called Whites have a lot of assumptions that they make and stereotypes that they indulge. You both are capable of conscious and unconscious slights and when or if you are called on that, you call it Racism,
    which is not accurate.

    …White as an ethnic term is Racist at the root. It is about color casting, White Supremacy and the ever changing and expanding white label. You should read Salon, 1/9/15…”5 reasons Why White Pride is always Racist” It’s written by White people who give some interesting insight on the History and evolution of the term White!

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