Any black kids in your class?

Mz-Tish-pointingPamela Tish,
Dupo, IL.

When I began my first teaching job in Cahokia, IL, “Any black kids in your class?” was always one of the first questions asked by friends and family. I return to that question in my own mind so often as I look across my classrooms, 20 years and three jobs later, and it still prompts the same feelings for me. My reaction is always an emotional headshaking “No. No black kids, no white kids. Kids of a hundred shades of cappuchino, choco-latte, summer peach, melting Hershey bar, toasty wheat crust, caramel malt.” I remember the confusing moment when completing standardized test forms together for the first time, my students and I shared puzzled looks when asked to complete ethnicity questions that had no rainbow answers.

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8 Responses to "Any black kids in your class?"
  1. Krane says:

    Until the Blacks have the intelligence and impulse control of Whites, it will always be an issue.

    • Ashley says:

      Wow! How very ignorant, black people are very intelligent.

      • Krane says:

        Wow! How very ignorant, black people are very intelligent.

        Average IQ has been measured to be around 83.

        Source: Every IQ study ever done

        • David Staros says:

          I happen to be a white student in a primarily African-American school does that make me unintelligent? no. Does that my my friends unintelligent? no I have friends smarter than me I ask them for help when something is confusing to me. If whites have a higher IQ it may well be because African-Americans don’t need to pride themselves by taking it, while whites, including myself, need to prove how above everyone else they are. Which may be the reason you had posted such an insulting post.

          • BeenThere says:

            “Krane” seems to have something outlandish to say to just about every card entry, so I don’t think engaging with him(her?) is worthy of your time (I check this site regularly and Krane seems to be everywhere). There are people who are truly interested in dialogue but I don’t think this person is one of them.

        • David Staros says:

          And that’s not a real source

  2. katellington says:

    All kids. One race the human race.

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