Are you having white girl problems?

Charley Birdsall,
Kailua, HI

One night, my friends were having dinner across the street from where my family and I were having dinner. So, I decided to go surprise them. They were all in the bathroom and when I went in there I startled them and they screamed. Then a very white employee that was a girl stormed into the bathroom and said without even thinking or looking at us “Are you guys having white girl problems”. A white girl problem is a way to refer to something as dramatic or ungrateful. To someone who doesn’t understand the situation a white girl problem could come across very pointless and stupid. This experience made me very offended since the employee didn’t know our situation and she atomically referred to us as spoiled brats. A synonym for white girl problems is a spoiled brat. She had no right to say this since she was also very white and young.


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