Are you sure you are Hispanic?

image38Olivia Rose Castillo,
Sanger, CA.

I am constantly asked if I’m sure of the racial group I belong to because the color of my skin. I am light complected, I’m a lot lighter then most. Doesn’t mean I should be defined by my skin color. All of my are similar in our faces but all different in our colors. Doesn’t mean we aren’t related or of the same race.

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One Response to "Are you sure you are Hispanic?"
  1. brad says:

    Asians, Blacks, Jews, any racial group, can have variations in skin color. Your facial features do not have the typical Anglo-Saxon features (this does not mean having these features makes you automatically beautiful—i.e. Susan Boyle) and I can’t see how people, except those with very limited world experience would assume that you can’t be some type of Hispanic. Maybe I’ve seen too many Hispanic people to know, but you scream Hispanic (Latino, or whatever names are out there) when I look at you. You still have “dark” features even if you are “light” skinned.

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