Aren’t WE all a little racist?


I come from a small town that is heavily populated by Mexicans so I was never really exposed to other races like Caucasians, Blacks, Asians, or any other race besides Mexican. It was very rare to see any other race and if I did see other races it was when I would go down south or to the very upper north. Growing up the only information I had of these races were based off of books and TV shows. I was taught to be scared of Black people and to never trust a White person by my mother. It wasn’t until I started going to the city of Salinas for college that I saw how sheltered and misinformed I was. I had never seen as much black and white people in one area and honestly, it was intimidating to be around them. I didn’t have any malicious thoughts of my own but a lot of things that I was told growing up would circle around my mind. It wasn’t until I actually decided to experience these people myself that I realized that they are not what they are portrayed as and they are definitely all their own person aside from their race. I know now that the idea of race is wrong and it really just holds people back from meeting other amazing people.


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