Articulate, responsible; then color doesn’t matter

John H
McKinney, TX

King’s speech referred to the time when a man (actually he referred to his children) would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I think there are many, many who,lack character and use the color of their skin as an excuse. There are many who are principled and trying hard…. And when they fall short they keep trying and don’t use race as an excuse. The opportunity is there. No one thinks twice when they see a black cop, manager, lawyer, Doctor, politician, etc. etc. but you don’t usually see people, white or black, with violent attitudes, drug problems, inarticulate and dressed like a slob in these roles. It is not skin color it is culture and values. The articulate who,are willing to work, no matter their color… Have opportunity. The eubonics speaking, saggy pants wearing drug using gang bangers are despised. And it is not because they are black… Though they will try to tell you that’s why


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