Ashamed of being mostly white. Sadly.

Everytown, MO.

I chose a picture of a rainbow because I think it fits the subject of my card. I am mostly of Caucasisan (Irish) descent. I am also of Jew, African, and Native American descent. I look white. Recently I have been made to feel ashamed of my white heritage, and even been afraid to speak out about racism or any type of comparison. When I informed people who ganged up on me that I was not just white, I was called a liar because I “look too white”. Doesn’t that go back to the “I’ll decide if I’m black enough” comment? I have experienced so much hatred from people of other races just because I look white. I know what it feels like to be hated for the color of your skin. I know what it feels like to be rejected because you are descendant from a race that other white people consider to be “impure” too. I hear about this white privilege but I grew up in the ghetto’s with all the other mixed race kids, poor as heck, and I don’t know no white privilege. I had to struggle and work my butt off for every penny that I made and I’m STILL struggling. I don’t put white on the race portion of the job applications and surveys. I put “other” cause there is no category for me. I have very few friends and am not widely accepted no matter what race I attempt to relate to. It is so frustrating. WHEN are we going to just drop the race crap and just decide to be PEOPLE? Is there no place for us mixed people?? I’m human too.


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