Asian Americans, we the ultimate invisibles

The Invisible,

While the media strive to be politically correct about every other race and ethnic group in America, somehow Asians, esp. Chinese Americans, seem to be the forgotten (and often bullied and ridiculed) race. In a country where people are “outraged” just about everything, nobody (outside of the Asian community) says anything about Jimmy Kimmel’s “comedy” of “killing all Chinese”, and nobody feels “indignant” about Bob Beckel’s blatantly racist, xenophobic, and hateful statement that all Chinese (AMERICANS!) are the biggest threat to the US. And surely, unlike Sterling, neither of them is or will be publicly shamed or punished for their explicit racism, because somehow Chinese Americans are practically sub-human. We are the ultimate invisibles, and the ultimate scapegoats, just like in the 19th century during the Chinese Exclusion Act era. It’s sad how history repeats itself, how things never change, and how extremely biased the media have become.

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  1. Barry Irving says:

    …I don’t disagree with any thing you said, but you should consider that Chinese and Japanese Asians can be narrow minded and exclusive socially. American born and mixed race Asians have a more balanced and many times privileged relationship to Americans. I think that the Political / Historical, the American Bred Social and the Immigrant /Student / Business narratives are pretty different…equality politics is a Civil Rights Conversation in General foe any person of color with political points easily made…change is another story of socio / political evolution…

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