Asian nephew, but wife’s not Asian?!

James K.,
Riverside, CA.

I’m a white male and my wife is half Mexican and half white, but her sister is half Thai because they have different fathers. Any time we get to have our nephew come visit, we try to do as much as possible with him like going to the aquarium or disneyland, or somewhere cool that he doesn’t have to opportunity to go with his mom. When we do go out in public, I constantly catch people staring at us like we “stole the kid” from someone. God forbid my wife and our nephew are actually related by blood. When people stare, I constantly have to fight back the urge to confront them and set them straight by asking, “What are you really thinking?” It’s frustrating but I hope there will come a day where others don’t jump to conclusions about our’s, or anyone’s, situation.



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