We assume you don’t speak English

Sabrina Leira
Denver, CO

Sometimes when people are trying to do the right thing, they end up being wrong. For instance, every year at school, we have to check a box that says what our ethnicity/race is. I, being half Hispanic, sometimes check the Hispanic box. A few weeks later, I get called into the office. When I get there, they tell me that I have to take a test to make sure I know English. At this point, I’m a little annoyed because I tell them that I don’t even speak another language besides English, which they respond with, “I know but you still have to take the test.” Obviously they mean well, but it bothers me that if you check a box that is something other than white/Caucasian, they automatically think you don’t speak English. I know they just want to make sure everyone can understand their teachers and peers, but if you think about it, it is kind of offensive how they just assume you are different and need help if you’re a different race. Not to mention that I wasted a whole class period on possible the easiest and test I have ever taken. I think they should come up with a better way to do this so that they can help people in a less offensive, annoying, and suttly racist way.


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