Aussie, but forced to be white

Daniel Earl,

Raised in a diverse suburb and school, as a kid I was just another “Aussie” with no real racial consciousnesses. Sure, my father’s family were free settlers who arrived from Northern Ireland in the mid-1800s and my mother was born in England, but in my mind, I was just another Aussie, no more or less Aussie than the many Asian kids I used to play with.

I was first categorized as “white” at University. The attempts to brainwash me into hating myself by tunnel-visioned left-wing professors has resulted in me moving firmly into the conservative camp of politics. I am sick of being made to feel like I need to constantly apologize for crimes that I (or my ancestors) never even committed. I have family that served in the armed forces against both German nationalism in WWI and Nazi aggression in WWII, and against the fascist Japanese too.

Luckily for me, as part of coming to terms with myself I have been able to visit the ‘ancestral’ lands in the British Isles.

Good luck to Trump! I am looking forward to a similar revolution in Australia!

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