Again I was barred from dancing.

temptationsStephen Pagel
Wichita, KS

In my early years I saw The Temptations on The Ed Sullivan show and was blown away not only by their singing, but especially by their moves. Through them I discovered the Motown sound, and Stax, and The Philly grove and learned I had natural rhythm. When I hit college, started going out and dancing people realized I could hold my own on the dance floor. One night some friends asked me to join them at a club. When we arrived I was told I was not welcome. Several times these friends would invite me to a new club in their neighborhood and when other friends asked why I was back on campus so early I’d say “Again I was barred from dancing.” I love dancing and all I wanted to do was dance with these friends or see live a group I really enjoyed, yet back in the early 70’s there were clubs I was not allowed in because I was white.


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