Base your Judgment on the inside.

Colby Finch,
Eugene, OR.

Im Colby Finch, 16 yrs old. I grew up in foster care, and in the system, I met a lot of people who were colored. I made a connection with another youth. His name was Devonte, and my foster parents at the time were uneasy about people of color. I brought him back to my house to hang out, and when we walked in my foster parents glared as if he was dangerous. We hung out for about an hour, and then he had to go.

When he left, my foster parents looked at me, and asked ” You sure that *boy* didn’t steal anything?(*Censored) I was furious. I said “You don’t even know him!! Yet you judge him just by looking at his skin color!” They looked at me and my foster dad said “His type is known for that. He can’t come here anymore.” I walked out the house, went to Devontes house, and enjoyed myself. It’s sickening that a new person, whom you’ve never met, comes near you, and people make so many horrible accusations in their minds…all because of ones color.


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