“Basic white girl”, who’s not white.

Betsy F,
Minneapolis, MN

p>I grew up wishing I was white. I was raised to hate my culture, my eyes, my language, and my background. In middle school, I was known for being the most “basic white girl” who wasn’t actually white. I did what every other girl did, wore, and ate. I bought bath and body works lotion and perfumes. I wore yoga pants, UGGs, converse, etc. I drank Starbucks and loved Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Any basic trend I would hop on the bandwagon. I’m aware now of the nuances of the term “basic white girl” and the intersectionality that comes along with being female, but I’m focusing on the race aspect. Being adopted into a Caucasian family I have no ties to the culture I was born into. To put it simply, I’m not white, but I don’t feel connected to my Asian ancestry. Growing up it was incredibly difficult and confusing about what my identity is and even now I’m still figuring it all out.


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