Before Trayvon Martin was Yoshi Hattori

2008_0814_yoshi_bh_mAnonymous, Novel Ideas Book Club
Baton Rouge, LA. / Washington DC

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3 Responses to "Before Trayvon Martin was Yoshi Hattori"
  1. xdiemaker says:

    OH PLEASE   leave  Trayvon out of this.

  2. Phil Herrup says:

    Why?  It’s the RACE card project.  It’s exactly what should be in here.

  3. Mat says:

    Wow, that sure did sound ignorant. All they were saying is that this isn’t the first time. Trust me, I’ve heard so many stories about black men being killed in this country, it isn’t funny. Emmett Till, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant. We have all heard them. What happened to Trayvon was excessive in its own right but so were these other cases where the “white man” got away. It’s the perfect crime. But there was no need for some of your comments. “Get a clue”? Seriously? You get a clue.

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