Being black in a white town.

Noel Hudson,

I go to college in a pretty white community. There are about 10-20 black people out of 600 students. I grew up in a town just south where the population was very mixed; Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. The high school I went to rarely had any cases over racism as the town was so used to seeing people of any race. I came to this campus with my sister and immediately I found myself drawn closer to a clique of black friends with some Hispanics. I am a positive person and I want to be as friendly as I can be, but its so hard not to notice how people view me. I am 6’5 in height and I stand out and I always feel like an anomaly here. I’ve seen an old white lady clutch her purse as I walked past her on the sidewalk. I paid no mind, but it still upsets me. No matter how friendly I try to be the only ones that don’t view me as an anomaly or a stereotype are those who get to see my character in person. Off-campus it’s even worse; going into town I could immediately spot I was the only black person in their shopping district. I smiled and greeted everyone cheerfully I crossed paths with like some showcase, but not for a second was I not in fear or paranoia because I am black.


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