Bicultural and Bilingual should be enough.

Megan Medrano,
Houston, TX.

Growing up Latina in south Texas, I have always been surrounded with rich culture. My home was filled with both the English and Spanish language and I was encouraged to live both my Mexican and U.S. Latina identities. I did not realize how important an ethnic identity was until I came to college. Discussions of “what does being a real Mexican look like?” and “am I more Mexican or more American?” really pushed me to search for my identity. The hidden criticism that people like me face begs the question of “Am I Mexican enough to be considered Mexican and am I American enough to be considered American”. I soon came to realize that striving to be one or the other is not who I should be, but instead embrace the heritage and the country that has made who I am. I am both Mexican and American, bicultural and bilingual, and that should be enough.


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