Bird Watching: A Metaphor on Race

Keenan Chandler,
Atlanta, GA.

There are all sorts of birds in the world: big birds, small birds, flightless birds, aquatic birds, birds with wondrously colorful plumage and those with subtle, dull feathers. If we want to appreciate them equally, do we pretend not to see their differences? Do we say the pigeon is the same as the blue jay is the same as the eagle? Or do we acknowledge their differences as their unique strengths and attributes?

Each bird has a different voice – ranging from the loud kookaburra to the cooing dove – but what if each voice was valued? Even better, what if the masters of singing – like the lyrebird – helped those without a voice?

Speaking of that, what if the birds who would soar with ease helped their flightless companions? What if the falcon’s wings were as appreciated as the ostrich’s legs were as appreciated as the penguin’s flippers?

If every bird worked differently, but together, they could rule the planet. We all have different feathers, different physical capabilities, different mating calls that we sing to different kinds of mates, but we’re all beautiful. Help those at a disadvantage to you, and learn to see the strength in others’ differences.


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