“Black” is not always “African-American”.

usKate Reid,
Worthington, OH.

My daughters and I in the attached picture. Three races. Three skin-tones. None of which identify with “African-American” yet that is often the assumption and the only “box” to check.

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One Response to "“Black” is not always “African-American”."
  1. barry irving says:

    …if you are not African American then what are you..an empty American with no ancestral heritage? Perhaps you are confusing Nationality with Genetic Ancestry.
    Black like White is a PURELY COLOR CASTE REFERENCE…IT IS RACIAL AND JUST AS INFLAMMATORY AS WHITE….THERE IS NEGATIVE, COMBATIVE OT CRIMINAL ENERGY ASSOCIATED WITH THE WORD. BLACK CAME ABOUT AS A POPULAR ETHNIC REFERENCE DURING THE 60’S CIVIL RIGHTS ERA AS A COUNTER TO WHITE. White is rooted in White Supremacy and implied White Privilege and preference. All people in America are hyphenated Americans. We all came from some where else!

    …THE WORLD IS NOT ABOUT A BLACK / WHITE CONTEST. “Nationality” is the country that you identify with..that’s American. We fight against negative color referencing from White People, so why call yourself a color exclusively? Why just be a nationality and a color?…Our Origins, cultural habits, historical perspective and sense of belonging come from our ethnicity. Why let the haters and the negative and prejudiced people in this country rob you of your true ancestry?

    …The Africa of today is transitioning from Centuries of subjugation by Europeans and America’s slave trade, African independence is even younger than our American Freedom and we haven’t fully transitioned to a self sufficient free segment of American society. What is happening in Africa is completely irrelevant to what your true ethnicity is. Dark people came from one place…that’s the African continent…that makes us African people genetically.

    …Look up the term Diaspora, people removed from their original geography br force and immigration. We are one of MANY diaspora people and all have the same problems in the new society…acceptance and prosperity for the whole with out sacrificing the very ancestral life and culture that defines you so completely.

    …You say non of you identify as African American? that’s sad, who are you talking to?…what’s your point? …”GENETICS DON’T LIE”

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