Black and Beautiful with Breathtaking Strength

Sidni Sera Goodman,
Wayne State,
Eastpointe, MI

Being black in America is more than just challenging. There are so many highs and so many lows. I dealt with one day feeling black and proud, seeing how other cultures love my culture, style, flair, music, etc., then other days, I see how my black brothers and sisters literally get the cops called on them for absolutely no reason at all and it seems like nothing is being done about it. I literally see how the US government is against us, but then I see our God-given strength and it takes my breath away. It takes my breath away that you still see us smile, dancing, and saying “Thank you God for giving me breath in my body.” Still being polite, still being professional in the most racist workplaces and establishments. The sad thing is, it’s like really nothing has changed since my ancestors got free via the thirteenth amendment in 1865, but I still see that same strength our ancestors had back then and it still….takes my breath away.


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