Does her black baby doll offend?

image13 (1)Michelle Martini,

When it came time to choose my daughter’s first baby doll, there were only dark-skinned dolls left in the specific brand/style I wanted. Thinking it didn’t matter, I bought it. She has since chosen her own doll — also dark skinned. I’ve gotten a few comments. Most people seem to think we’re making some kind of political statement. I’m wondering if it is offensive to others — seeing this naked Caucasian child lugging around a naked African American baby (because both she and her baby are usually naked). Her love for her baby is obvious in the photo, which I why I included it.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …just communicate with her about her baby without opinion or judgement. She’ll experience and distinguish Race soon enough for herself.

    …You know the Doll could be a number of different nationalities, why is African American the only choice?

    …I always ask, do you know the meaning of the term White? There is a history of it and Black…both Race Terms that are color based, but White is rooted it White Supremacy by color association and amalgamation historically.

    …Black is rooted in the civil rights struggle and a counter to White as well as an expression of Pride to combat color negativity of the Term Black!

    …Caucasian is a term that describes one of the Human Racial types, but it does not mean color or White…it refers to facial and body type!

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