Black lesbian CPA, it’s really me.

Andrea Hyson,
San Francisco, CA.

About two months ago, I finally met a new employee in another department. This woman and I had numerous phone conversations but hadn’t yet met. I decided to stop by her office to introduce myself. Another employee was at her door as I approached. As I turned into her office, the other employee introduced me and woman literally had a physical reaction. She jumped back in her seat and looked shocked and while recovering said, “You’re Andrea.”

It caught me off guard but at the same time I smiled. I am so use to people having some preconceived notation of who I am. I just shook my head and presented my hand with a smile. I do my job and run my business based on my knowledge base not my color or sexual orientation.
I’m a CPA who owns a small tax business while working a full-time job in the tax department of a privately owned investment company. I am approaching my 10 year anniversary.

As an out lesbian with short hair (sometimes bald) on the butch side of the equation, I am who I am and can’t and never would change it. I like me.


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